20:12 5 December 2019
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GetBack’s founder claims to have been CBA collaborator

GetBack’s founder claims to have been CBA collaborator
source: Getback

Konrad K., the main character of the biggest financial scandal during the PiS government, testified in the Prosecutor’s Office that he had been a secret collaborator of the Central Investigation Bureau (CBA). If this declaration is true, the special services are jointly responsible for the scandal, in which 10,000 people and over 170 institutions lost a total of PLN 2.5 billion, writes Onet’s journalist Andrzej Stankiewicz.
Konrad K. was the founder and president of GetBack, a company that until recently controlled most of the debt trading market. He has been in custody since June 2018 after GetBack proved to be a financial pyramid.
Onet writes that the CBA, ABW and the Prosecutor’s Office have not denied that Konrad K. made such testimony.
(Business Insider)

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