19:41 6 October 2021
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Glasgow climate summit may be the last chance for climate neutrality

Glasgow climate summit may be the last chance for climate neutrality
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The climate summit in Glasgow will be the 26th meeting within the framework of the United Nations. It is worth mentioning that the intergovernmental dialogue has been going on for almost 30 years. In 2020, due to the epidemic, the climate summit that was to take place in Italy did not take place. Therefore, the Glasgow Summit will be in partnership with Italy. Forecasts for this year's climate summit are promising – and the event itself could turn out to be groundbreaking. Although the ecological situation is constantly deteriorating, and the lack of a quick response and involvement of as many countries as possible will only accelerate this process – organizations such as the UN Global Compact argue that achieving climate neutrality is possible thanks to the implementation of more ambitious goals and the initiation of specific actions that will gradually reduce the negative effects of global warming. The COP26 climate summit will be significant – it will be the first conference to review and strengthen commitments under the Paris Agreement.

"The future of all of us – and future generations in particular – will depend on the Glasgow climate summit, so I encourage you to follow this event. There is a lot to be agreed and I hope that reasonable compromises will be made and that the world will be able to become climate neutral in the coming decades," Kamil Wyszkowski, managing director of the UN Global Compact in Poland, said.


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