Diuna, formerly known as Marynarska Business Park, was a significant undertaking. It was initially built in 2007 and was one of the largest office projects in Poland, boasting 40,000 square meters.

The project was characterized by its size and an abundance of parking spaces, with 1,200 spaces underground. However, over time, the value of the building declined, and each subsequent transaction saw diminishing returns. The initial investment of around €180 million dwindled, with the last transaction falling well below €100 million.

We recognized the need for change and set out to transform the building’s purpose. We realized that the excessive focus on cars had to shift. Instead, we prioritized public transportation and created a park where parking lots once stood. This transformation aligned with our commitment to ESG principles.

The removal of the parking spaces allowed us to create conference areas, fitness facilities, and other amenities. Also, we reduced the heat island effect caused by the parking lot, leading to a decrease in the temperature in Diuna courtyard by around 15-18 degrees Celsius during summer months.

We also focused on improving the building’s energy efficiency by revamping outdated systems. Our goal is to reduce energy consumption by 50%, a substantial step toward sustainability.

This project represents a groundbreaking approach to office refurbishment, setting a new standard for the industry. It proves that ESG initiatives not only benefit the environment but also yield tangible economic returns.

HOP isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating spaces that invite interaction and engagement with the surrounding community. Whether it’s through hosting events, providing inviting outdoor areas, or incorporating striking design elements, our goal is to foster connections and enrich the urban experience.

Address: ul. Taśmowa 7, 02-677 Warszawa

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