Since Tuesday, the Russian communicator Telegram has been publishing documents from the e-mail box of Michał Dworczyk, a PiS MP and the head of the prime minister's office. Dworczyk notified the Internal Security Agency. It is not known who is behind the whole action. New materials appear every few hours.

It is difficult to tell from the content of the materials whether the senders are guided by any key. There is no so-called classified information, that is, information that would be assigned by the signatures "confidential", "secret" or "top secret". Some documents have not yet been dated and signed, so these are only drafts of various types of speeches and legislative changes.

The information leaked through the Excel table on Telegram entitled "State services authorized to vaccinate in stage I" can be considered the most "sensitive". Listed here are those whose employees and officers are to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In total, it is almost 300,000. people, the largest group – the military. Among them, we find special services: CBA, the Intelligence Agency, military intelligence and counterintelligence, the Internal Security Agency, and the State Protection Service.

"We can treat this as an attempt to interfere in Polish politics," Dr. Łukasz Olejnik, an independent researcher and cybersecurity consultant, commented.

"Perhaps someone is collecting materials with an election in mind? We do not know, but such activities have had and are happening in many other countries. There is also a basic psychological success for attackers – they demonstrate to everyone that certain things can happen," he added.


michał dworczyk
dr. łukasz olejnik

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