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10:04 4 March 2019
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Hawe and Huawei in close cooperation to build Silk Road of Information

Hawe and Huawei in close cooperation to build Silk Road of Information

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, Polish infrastructure network service provider Hawe Telekom and Huawei announced in-depth cooperation regarding the development of competences of the Polish company in the field of 5G technology.

The companies stated that Poland is located in Central Europe where it geographically connects Western Europe with Russia. It is a strategic location for the Silk Road of Information as it contains a segment of the shortest route from Frankfurt to China. In the information age, Hawe networks will play a vital part in the fiber connection layout along the Silk Road.

Huawei has proposed an end-to-end MS-OTN all-service transport, within which one platform provides access for various services, including E1 to STM-N SDH services, 10GE/100GEEthernet and OTN private lines, and also FC (Fiber Channel) used for data center backup. One network supports enterprise private line, mobile backhaul, and DCI, maximizing the value of the network.

Hawe was founded in 1990. It has more than 6000 km of optical fibers deployed across Poland and has expanded to key switching nodes in Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, and Finland.

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