15:41 12 July 2020
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HRE: defrosting economy drives revival on mortgage market

HRE: defrosting economy drives revival on mortgage market
Source: Pxfuel

Defrosting of the economy is quickly translating into a revival on the housing loan market. Banks are still setting high requirements, but the last weeks have no more signals about the creation of further barriers, but rather their slow crushing, according to HRE Investments analysis.

"Positive information is starting to flow from the mortgage market. These are, for example, promotions introduced by banks (e.g. mBank or Pekao), but also the first symptoms of liberalization in the form of enabling debt for people running a business," HRE analysts said.

According to Bartosz Turek, an analyst from HRE, it gives hope that the mortgage market will slowly return to normal.

HRE informs, referring to the data of the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), that there are still many applicants for loans. In June, applicants for loans were by 30 percent more than in April, but also by 2.6 percent more than a year ago.

At the same time, analysts point out that nothing is changing about the required own contribution. While only a few months ago it was enough to have creditworthiness and 10 percent. the price of housing in cash to apply for a housing loan is currently required by banks by 10 percent of  own contribution is a rarity with a home loan, usually paid for with additional requirements to the customer or real estate, which is to be bought with the help of bank financing.


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