16:25 25 October 2021
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Huawei's exclusion from the Polish market may cause a sharp back lash of China

Huawei's exclusion from the Polish market may cause a sharp back lash of China
Source: Newseria

The draft amendment to the act on the national security system, which, in the opinion of the telecommunications market, has become a tool of political games, contains provisions that allow technology companies to be excluded from the Polish market on the basis of nationality criteria. According to experts, they are aimed directly at the Chinese technology concern Huawei, and their adoption may harm Polish economic relations with the Middle Kingdom.

"The Chinese may cut our supply channels. What it looks like can be seen on the American market, where these supply chains have been torn apart and the Americans do not even have the possibility to assemble cars or other equipment because Chinese sub-suppliers have stopped supplying components. The same may happen in Poland, so the consequences would be serious, dr hab. Bogdan Góralczyk, professor at the University of Warsaw, lecturer at the European Center of the University of Warsaw, political scientist, an expert on relations with China, said.

In his opinion, China can react very sharply and aggressively to defend its interests.

China is the second-largest trading partner for Poland (after Germany). According to data from the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), in 2020 they had 14.4 percent of the share in Polish imports, worth over PLN 146.5 billion. In turn, the share of China in Polish exports was worth PLN 13.2 billion.


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