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16:49 2 August 2022
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Kinnarps in Wroclaw installs acoustic ceiling in the office

Kinnarps in Wroclaw installs acoustic ceiling in the office
Source: Kinnarps

The style of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian is known to everyone. The characteristic symmetrical lines can perfectly fit into the design of virtually any interior – including an office. The real masterpiece, however, is the combination of this art with modern functionality. Just such a solution was used in the Kinnarps office in Wroclaw, where – not coincidentally – the acoustic ceiling brings to mind Mondrian perfection.

Piet Mondrian, in turn, has become a brand of sorts. Every time someone sees his abstract works, they know they are by him. The geometric lines and colors are like the painter's autograph. And it is this brilliant simplicity that has made architects extremely eager to incorporate the artist's style into contemporary interiors.

What for some may be a boring wall or ceiling, for others will be a kind of canvas, ready to create an interesting composition. That's how the Mondrian mosaic on the ceiling in the Kinnarps office in Wroclaw was created, which not only pleases the eye of employees but also provides acoustic comfort in the room.  The office was fitted with the Ecophon Master Eg acoustic system, which offers the possibility of creating interesting geometric layouts and, thanks to its excellent sound absorption properties, eliminates unwanted noise in the room.

"I was inspired by the beauty of the lines, the relationship between them, and the possibilities of this product because Master Eg allows arrangements in this way," Marcin Cieśla, the architect responsible for the design of the Kinnarps office, said.

The Master Eg black-edged ceiling system, which was used in the Kinnarps office, allows the edges of the load-bearing tiles to be hidden, creating the impression that they are suspended in the air.


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