20:36 18 September 2019
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KNF: Banks paid 37.6% of profit as dividend in 2018

KNF: Banks paid 37.6% of profit as dividend in 2018

Commercial banks, which recorded a positive financial result at the end of the year, paid 37.6% of profit, i.e. PLN 5.5 billion, as dividends for 2018, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) said.

"As a result of the dividend policy implemented by the KNF, the capital base of commercial banks is strengthening. This situation has a positive impact on maintaining the stability of the banking sector in Poland," the regulator wrote.

The banking sector generated PLN 13 billion in 2018. Among commercial banks, 26 achieved a total profit of PLN 14.7 billion, and six recorded a total loss of PLN 2.5 billion.



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