19:53 16 October 2019
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KOBIZE: forests won’t provide us with climate neutrality

KOBIZE: forests won’t provide us with climate neutrality
source: Pixabay

The absorption of CO2 by forests will not allow us to balance gas emissions so as to achieve the effect of climate neutrality, emphasized the deputy manager of KOBIZE Monika Sekuła. She indicated that forests absorb currently about 30 million tonnes of CO2 annually, but in 30 years, it will be only 12 million tonnes.

According to the latest official reports in 2017, the total Polish greenhouse gas emissions in the ETS sectors (covered by EU Emissions Trading System) and non-ETS (except for this system) amounted to approx. 414 million tonnes of CO2. Sekuła reminded that the Paris Agreement about global climate contained a provision on climate neutrality, i.e. balancing CO2 emissions with the absorption of this gas. Absorption is understood not only as injection and underground storage but natural gas storage, e.g. through forests, as well. 


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