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With the curtain drawn over the holiday season, Warsaw has again donned its business face – but with the gastronomic sector more competitive than ever, where should you pick for a working lunch or that seal the deal dinner? By Alex Webber

Serious Business

The Amber Room

Al. Ujazdowskie 13,

The Amber Room remains a market leader when it comes to formal business dinners. Set in the pre-war Pałac Sobańskich, this pristine manor house is everything you expect: hushed, lavish, cultured and classy. The food fits the backdrop: devised by Robert Skubisz, the contemporary menu causes spontaneous outbreaks of collective joy. Maze-like in its layout, there’s enough nooks and secret rooms to make Amber Room the ideal address for VIP dining.  

Casual Business


Al. Ujazdowskie 22,

For something a little less conventional, look to Rusiko. Fresh, simple and honest, the food here is representative of the people of Georgia. So too is the hospitality; a place of wine, soul, spirt(s) and song, it’s perfect for the more casual client dinner. If privacy is important, then the back room has an intimate atmosphere redolent of home – have no doubt, everyone will love it.

Lunch Deal


Pl. Europejski 4A,

Despite the impossible diversity of the menu, the kitchen crew really make it come together; the lunch menu (PLN 29.90 for three courses) is one of the outstanding bargains in the city. Enjoy it inside an interior that strikes a balance between slick corporate style and slinky cosmopolitan. With the Spire glimmering above, no other place captures the essence of Warsaw’s new CBD in quite the same way.



ul. Wilcza 46,

This is serious food for grown-ups who don’t muck about with anything but the best. Gimmicks be damned, Nolita’s menu is an extraordinarily balanced affair that’s reliant on beautiful combinations, dead-eyed precision and big bang tastes that leave you staggered. Despite the puzzling lack of Michelin recognition, most of Warsaw’s foodies recognize Nolita as the top restaurant in town. Bills mount easily, but everyone leaves feeling quite special.

To Impress

Chłodna 15

ul. Chłodna 15,

Show off your inside knowledge of Warsaw’s dining scene by booking a table at Chłodna 15. Opened just weeks ago, chef Arkadiusz Wilamowski is already being tipped for future Michelin glory. Despite the location on the ground floor of a 1960s housing block, the interiors are quietly luxurious and ideal for conspiratorial business dealings. With the restaurant still in its infant stages, Wilamowski’s classic French menu remains remarkably affordable (approx. PLN 180 for the tasting menu).  

City Classic

Butchery & Wine

ul. Żurawia 22,

In the six years since they opened, Butchery has evolved from being a trendsetting hit to a city institution. High on corporate masculinity, the consistency of this steakhouse is impossible to fault. Beyond the grilled animal aspect, Butchery ticks boxes for superb wines, exemplary service and an atmosphere that feels affluent and international. Missteps are unknown, making this an automatic favorite with Warsaw’s business community.  

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