First hotel in space to be built by 2025

source: Gateway Foundation

By 2025, the first hotel in space is to be built. At least that’s what the Gateway Foundation, which is responsible for creating the project, plans. The project is based on a concept developed by the aviation engineer and space architect Wernher von Braun in the 1950s. The hotel will be named in his honor and will be called Von Braun Rotating Space Station.

Von Braun Rotating Space Station will be built on a 190-meter rotating wheel, which will be composed of 24 individual modules. The Gateway Foundation plans to sell the modules as private residences, rent them to other governments for research purposes or as luxury hotel rooms.

The authors of the project say that there will be “an artificial gravity” at the station, making the stay there much more pleasant. The facility itself is to be modeled on luxury hotels from New York, Tokyo, and Paris. According to plans, it will be able to accommodate up to 100 guests per week. They will have a restaurant, cinema room, trampoline and rock climbing room at their disposal.

“Traveling into space will someday be one of the options to spend your vacation, like a boat trip or a trip to the Disney World theme park,” Tim Alatorre, a senior architect involved in the project, argued.

(Business Insider)

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