CoffeeTeria opens in Galeria Warmińska in Olsztyn

Source: Galeria Warmińska

New cafe – CoffeeTeria has been operating in Galeria Warmińska since mid-October. The restaurant is intimate, serves traditional and flavored coffee, and because there is only one in Poland (CoffeeTeria is not a chain store) – its customers can feel special.

"I decided to open a cafe, which is to give guests a moment of rest in the race," Joanna Frydrychiewicz, the owner of the premises, said.

There is wood and red brick on the walls, and lots of live flowers in the interior, which additionally warm the place and give it an intimate character. Guests sit here on very comfortable, stylish armchairs. The area of ​​the premises is 63 sqm.

In CoffeeTeria you can drink traditional and flavored coffees. Customers can enjoy coffees with unusual flavors: coconut, crème brûlée, brownie and salty caramel. The restaurant is friendly to people who are lactose intolerant and plant-based diets. An addition to coffee can be not only traditional milk, but also lactose-free milk and plant milk: coconut, soy. Those who like sweetness can season their coffee with chocolate sauce. You can also drink hot chocolate here with a wide selection of additives.

“There are several chain cafes operating in Galeria Warmińska, CoffeeTeria is completely different from them. We strongly believe that fans of this remarkable interior and an equally original menu will soon be found,” Tomasz Górski, Retail Asset Manager, said.

Galeria Warmińska is the largest shopping center in north-eastern Poland. There are 170 stores of well-known and respected brands in the country and in the world.


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