'I dream of the role of a nun': Eliza Gwiazda

Eliza Gwiazda, source: Newseria

Many artists are currently complaining about their financial situation. Sanitary restrictions prevented actors and musicians from returning to regular work much longer than other professional groups. The lack of systematic income worried many of them. Eliza Gwiazda explains that the crisis has already been resolved. There is a lot going on in the cultural world today. So the actress works very intensively.

"Shooting sets have started working, a lot is happening in the art zone right now. The events have died because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic. Thanks to this, you can focus more on artistic work, see what is happening with directors. Polish cinema has flourished and we hope we will make more and more interesting productions," Eliza Gwiazda said..

Self-development is very important in the acting profession. Each project is unique and should be approached very individually. Consequently, flexibility is a very useful feature. Eliza Gwiazda points out that acting is also a time-consuming occupation. Casting, preparation for the role, rehearsals and premieres take a lot of energy. She admits that gaining experience and implementing professional plans are her priorities.

"I feel fulfilled and loved, but professionally I will fight for my position all the time. I want to learn and train. I will devote myself to work this and next year. I hope that interesting projects await me. I dream of being a nun," Eliza Gwiazda explained.


eiza gwiazda

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