Beata Pawlikowska goes to Zanzibar to conduct life transformation workshops

Beata Pawlikowska, source: Newseria

Beata Pawlikowska, the traveler, admits that due to the pandemic and canceled flights, neither in November nor in January she managed to maintain a dozen-year-old tradition and fly to the Amazon. However, during her stay at home, she was not idle. She finished writing another book and adopted two cats. Now, like other stars, she wants to rest in Zanzibar. In her opinion, the pandemic should make everyone reflect. Before, not everyone appreciated the fact that they had almost the whole world at their fingertips.

Beata Pawlikowska's greatest life passion are distant, exotic journeys. Each year, she spends at least a few months on the road. The journalist explains, however, that she is not overly attached to her travel plans. If life or, as now, the epidemiological situation verifies it, it does not wring her hands but she tries to make the best use of the downtime. 

She postponed a few trips, and now she has decided to go on vacation in Zanzibar. On this island, the pandemic restrictions are negligible. No wonder that it has recently become the favorite destination of Polish stars.

“Unexpectedly, it turned out that there are places in the world that are open, and in two weeks I am going to Zanzibar for a whole month,” the traveler said.

During her stay in Zanzibar, Beata Pawlikowska will conduct – as she writes on her website – life transformation workshops. In addition, workshop participants will explore the island with her.

“It is the perfect place to travel, also to travel deep into oneself. During the workshops, we will learn a new perspective on life, ourselves, and other people, practice healthy ways to deal with stress, and learn how to love ourselves,” Pawlikowska said.


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