Many restaurants not to recover from pandemic crisis

Mateusz Gessler, source: Newseria

Mateusz Gessler, a restaurateur, admits that the catering industry is experiencing the most serious crisis in many decades. He himself, apart from financial issues, of course, is very troubled by the inability to pursue the profession of a restaurateur and cook. It also misses the atmosphere that prevailed in restaurants, bars, and cafes before the pandemic. Takeaway or delivery meals are only a substitute for work. Experts estimate that nearly 1/3 of restaurants may not survive the "freezing" and will permanently disappear from the culinary map of Poland. In many of them, over the past year, profits have dropped by as much as 90 percent.

Mateusz Gessler emphasizes that restaurant owners have barely made ends meet for many months. Income is small, and you still have to pay taxes, rent for premises, and take care of the remuneration of employees. Gastronomy stood on the precipice.

"The pandemic is an extremely difficult time for us restaurateurs. We cannot pursue the profession we love, and this is the most painful thing in the world. It is like taking away a painter's brushes as if taking all programs and the ability to create from an architect. Work is a lifestyle and it bothers us a bit now,” Mateusz Gessler said.

As he noted, although the preparation of take-out or delivery meals allows to minimize losses a bit and take care of money for the most urgent expenses, it is a completely different nature of the work.

"We must remember that in gastronomy you earn money on time spent in a restaurant, on coffee, tea, alcohol, and various such things. Deliveries are only a margin, but we are glad that they are. In this case, the most important thing is it is not so much money for us, but that we do something, that we can cook, work and make people smile a little," the restaurateur added.


mateusz gessler

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