Kinga Sawczuk wants to promote pro-ecological attitudes

Kinga Sawczuk, source: Newseria

Influencer Kinga Sawczuk has been involved in pro-ecological activities for a year, because, as she emphasizes, she has decided to use her popularity on the Internet to spread knowledge about ways to protect the environment. The fate of our planet is not indifferent to her, and the time of the pandemic made her an ambassador of the innovative educational project Eco Studio ELECTRO-SYSTEM. Together with journalist Kuba Adamiak, she became involved in activities promoting environmental education. One of their joint projects is the Eko Fairy Tale recorded on the occasion of Earth Day.

“I am pro-ecological because ecology has always been with me since I was a child. I went to scout camps, so this topic was always in my heart and why not continue it? I take care of our planet because we only have one Earth and this is a very important topic, especially in the case of young people, because young people do not always realize how even throwing out an ordinary piece of paper harms our planet. It is a pity that little is said about it in schools,” Kinga Sawczuk emphasized. 

Therefore, on the occasion of Earth Day, Kinga Sawczuk decided to record Eko Fairy Tale together with Kuba Adamiak. They wrote the script together and this is how the project was created, which has educational value. The film promoting the ecological lifestyle was shot in one of Warsaw's parks. The advice presented in it can be used by everyone, not only children but also adults.


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