'I am afraid of the fourth wave of the pandemic and I would not like to repeat the scenario we know about': Tomasz Kammel

Tomasz Kammel, source: Newseria

Tomasz Kammel, journalist, and presenter, emphasizes that various scenarios are being analyzed before the fourth wave of the pandemic, but one thing is certain – the threat cannot be underestimated. So she urges people to get vaccinated and continue to be vigilant. You still have to obey the rule to wear masks indoors, disinfect your hands and keep social distance.

Tomasz Kammel notes that Poles are now a bit dormant with the current epidemic situation and the low level of infections compared to what was two or three months ago. However, everything can change quickly and you need to be prepared for a return to lockdown.

"This is very real and I think it would be nice to think about making one small move and prevent that from happening. And I'm talking about a set of things here: from masks where it can be dangerous, to simple vaccination and keeping your distance. where you keep it. But there has been so much talk about it that I don't want to be boring," Tomasz Kammel said.

However, the voices of the coronasceptics are strong and the reluctance to vaccinate is strong. So far, 15 million Poles are fully vaccinated, i.e. 40 percent of the population.

"Hearing some people's opinions on these things, I have the feeling that I don't know how loud you would have to speak to convince them to do so. But I am actually afraid of the fourth wave, and I wouldn't want to repeat the scenario we already know," the presenter added.


tomasz kammel

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