Show business is built on vanity, superficiality, and dishonesty: an actor

Janusz Boberek, source: Newseria

Janusz Boberek, an actor who plays one of the main roles in Tomasz Mandes' film The End admits that this production largely reveals the backstage of Polish show business. At times, it is a rather brutal story about the Polish entertainment industry and about the motives of famous people who are able to put everything on one card to gain fame, applause, and, above all, money. The creators drew examples from their home yard, which is why many celebrities can see a reflection of their weaknesses there.

"I would not like to stick the proverbial stick in an anthill, but the filmmakers, originators, screenwriters, director, producer all leaned on something, drew on something, and just drew from our show business. There are a lot of mirror images of what is in this film. in our show business reality, we open Pandora's box whether we like it or not. It is quite an interesting vision of our world, even if it is scary, because it probably is," Jarosław Boberek explains.

The film tells the story of seven people from the film industry who get caught up in a game whose ending cannot be predicted. At a time when the whole world is in limbo and the future seems more than uncertain, celebrities receive a lucrative offer to participate in a virtual reality show. And although it is not the peak of their professional ambitions, they are not going to give it up. They do it for fame, money, and gaining great popularity on the web. In Pandemic Game they are forced to reveal their biggest secrets. Unfortunately, no one comes out of this clash unscathed. Because when the media masks fall, the heroes show their uninteresting faces.


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