‘We are not afraid of the coronavirus, but the cancellation of our concert plans’: Tulia

Patrycja Nowicka, Tulia Biczak and Dominika Siepka, source by Newseria

Patrycja Nowicka, Tulia Biczak and Dominika Siepka from the Tulia singing band are not afraid of the fourth wave of the pandemic, because all of them have already suffered from Covid-19 and know more or less what to expect. The problem, however, is that due to possible restrictions, the large concert tour planned for December and January could be questioned. The members of the band Tulia, however, are optimistic and believe that the black scenario will not come true and that they will be able to promote songs from their latest album without any problems.

"We are only a little concerned about the fact that when it comes to the tour planned now, which we wanted to do in December and January, there might be some complications because of that, so this is a concern, but besides, we are not afraid. We just want to do some concerts with our record "Półmrok" and hope to make it," Patrycja Nowicka said.

The singers agree that the pandemic and related restrictions have taken their toll on them. It was necessary to switch to a different mode of operation, give up many artistic projects and fill the void related to the lockdown.

"Last year was definitely different than before and probably not positive. We rather remember what happened before with nostalgia, and would like to go back to what used to be," Tulia Biczak remarked.

"This year was a year of rest, we spent a lot of time with our families when there was basically no time for it before. So we also appreciate this time, but we wish to quickly return to what was before," Dominika Siepka added.

As for the idea that only the vaccinated people who have covid certificates could participate in concerts and other mass events, the vocalists of the band Tulia do not want to comment on this.

"We have different opinions within the band," Tulia Biczak admitted.

"We prefer to talk about music," Patrycja Nowicka emphasized.


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