Top Model program has opened door to be myself for me: Marianna Schreiber

Marianna Schreiber, source: Newseria

While Marianna Schreiber did not win the popular TVN program, she became loud. She emphasized that when she was shown to a wide audience, she was able to get rid of the complexes, discover her potential and get wind in the sail.

“The Top Model program has opened my door to being myself, which is very difficult to fight for, but there was no career door. At this point, I am 29 years old and I know that it would probably be easier if I had 20 years to come to this program, but I still have a picture session. This also increases my confidence, my self-assessment and looking in the mirror, I see myself slightly less critical. This certainly helps me in a therapeutic way. Moreover, it is my passion, like football," Marianne Schreiber said.

She thinks that if she wants to, it is easy to combine several life roles with each other and to find the time to develop her passions. All of this makes people feel more confident and valued. She ensures she doesn't like to sit idle and has a precise list of priorities.

"Many people say: You can't take care of one at a time, the modeling, the football, the foundation, the party, and the child. Only that there are things I do mainly, and they are those that are my hobbies and I do them from time to time, so if, for example, on Saturday once a week, I take pictures, it helps me and I can enjoy it, why should I not do it? What does not mean that shooting a photo session is at odds with the work of a political party," she said.

As far as professional matters are concerned, the model is now part of the policy and is making every effort to obtain the required signatures and register the Mam Dość party (eng. That’s It!) This grouping is intended for people who are tired of reality and want to change something.


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