11 new places in Praga Koneser Center

Source: Praga Koneser Center

There are new atmospheric places in Praga Koneser Center, enriching the wide offer of the historic vodka factory. Among them are restaurants, a jazz club, a museum, a creative center, and other unique stores and services – the Museum of Fantastic Art, a comic book gallery, and the author's gastronomic concepts. The space, located in the heart of Praga-Północ – one of Warsaw's most magnetic and fastest-growing districts – encourages daily shopping, spending time with friends and acquaintances, developing passions, and many other activities.

Praga Koneser Center is a multifunctional facility of more than 5 hectares located in Praga-Północ, the capital city. The post-industrial, 19th-century space of the Warsaw Vodka Factory "Koneser" has been revitalized by Liebrecht & wooD and BBI Development – it is the most significant investment of this kind place in the capital city. Thanks to it, a long-forgotten area of the town has become the heart of one of the fastest developing parts of Warsaw and one of the most energetic tourist attractions. The restored red brick buildings, the industrial Koneser Passage, and Koneser Square now form a place with mixed-use facilities.

"Praga Koneser Centre is a carefully restored part of the magnetizing Praga-Północ district. A space where everyone can feel good while spending creative time and running everyday errands. All this is available in the surroundings of unique architecture, in a fantastic atmosphere," Monika Piwońska of Praga Koneser Center said.


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