Rolexes are unlikely to cheapen

Source: Photo by Adam Bignell on Unsplash

Inflation is hitting record highs across Europe. Everything is getting more expensive meanwhile luxury Rolex watches are getting cheaper? At least, that's what we read on Twitter from President Janusz Piechocinski. The former deputy prime minister associated with the Polish People's Party is a real personality of this social media – he became famous for his record number of shared tweets. Politician specializes in two things. The first is sharing intriguing statistics with Internet users on almost every conceivable topic. The second, however, is a sense of humor. All indications are that today's Twitter post about the drastic drop in the price of Rolex watches is in the latter category. 

Luxury timepieces are becoming more... luxurious. At the beginning of 2022, there was a seasonal increase in the price of Rolexes, but what was surprising was not the increase itself but rather its scale.  Rolex raised the prices of its watches by more than 10 percent. For example, the Submariner model became 10.5 percent more expensive to almost $9,000, the GMT-Master II by 11 percent to $10,500, and the 36-millimeter version of the Explorer by 11.6 percent, to $7,200. In September 2021, Rolex issued a statement explaining that customer demand was too high for the brand to keep up with the production of new watches. 


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