‘I was a shopaholic and spent a lot of money on clothes’: Doda

Doda, source: Newseria

Doda, a well-known singer, admits that she has dramatically changed her approach to clothes over the decade. She used to have a weakness for beautiful, brand-name items, but now she knows that they are not a luxury worth investing in. That's why she has given away half the contents of her closet to the needy and plans to sell the remaining dresses, pants, and coats on Instagram.

"Ten years ago I was a shopaholic and spent a lot of money on clothes. For the first big money I made here in Warsaw, I was the one who wanted to get so high and so buy clothes for myself like Britney Spears, who was shown on MTV," Doda said.

A lot has changed in this regard since then. The singer assures original clothes are no longer her weakness and now she does not strive to have every fashion novelty in her closet at all costs.

"I finally understood that these rags are worth nothing and do not define my value in any way at all, because it is completely elsewhere, and they only stimulate my vanity. I don't want to live like that. I want to be valued for what I have in my head, in my heart," Doda added.

However, the artist stresses that she still attaches great importance to the outfits in which she appears on stage. 

"Out of respect for the audience, you have to have a beautiful stage costume, you have to be prepared for your work. But this is kind of like my business attire. If it weren't for my job, I would be walking around all the time in one top, the same short skirt and flip-flops," she added.



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