Heckling and criticism become part of being a public figure: Malgorzata Ohme

Małgorzata Ohme, source: Newseria

Malgorzata Ohme, a psychologist, and presenter, realizes that being in the limelight involves various judgments. It is also not uncommon to be heckled, and those who write offensive comments online are sometimes merciless. Malgorzata Ohme stresses that hosting a live program involves a lot of responsibility because you are held accountable for every word. This is confirmed by the recent media scandal regarding her statements and wording in a conversation that took place on "Good Morning TVN" about homosexuality in the world of sports. According to her, the criticism was unfair, and she has nothing to reproach herself for.

Ohme admitted that she sometimes experienced unpleasantness from Internet users, who did not spare her bitter words. She also knows that hate can do great harm, but she has ways of dealing with it so as not to suffer its most negative effects.

"I've come to believe that criticism, and heckling are part of being a public figure. Entering this world, I was not an innocent girl who didn't know she would be judged. Yes, I am judged, sometimes it is very nice, – very unpleasant," Malgorzata Ohme added.

This is exactly what happened a few weeks ago. At the time, the sports world was alive with a high-profile coming out in British soccer. One of the players – 17-year-old Jake Daniels – gave a candid interview and publicly announced his sexual orientation. Such a situation occurred for the first time in 32 years. 


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