'I prefer to spend time with my daughter instead of reading comments about myself: Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa, source: Newseria

Joanna Krupa, a well-known model, assures us that she is not bothered by hecklers and their offensive comments. She usually doesn't read this content and doesn't take 'good' advice from anonymous people, for example about raising a child. Joanna Krupa believes that she, as a mother, knows best what her daughter needs and what is best for her.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Asha-Leigh made her debut on the wall during the press conference of the "Top Model" program. The little girl almost immediately stole the show and became the brightest star of the event. Joanna Krupa is aware that showing her daughter in public in the media is associated with different opinions and that a wave of criticism may fall on her. You can already read unflattering comments about it online.

"I don't read the comments because it is a waste of my time, I prefer to spend it with my daughter. But in my opinion, the people who make such comments have nothing better to do in their lives," Joanna Krupa assessed.

The model is criticized for, among other things, the fact that her daughter still uses a pram. As a mum herself, she sees nothing wrong with such a habit.

"She just runs around a lot. And when we go for long walks in the park and she's already tired, that's why I have a pushchair, so that the baby can rest and not go to her mum's arms, because she's also getting older and weighs a bit. And it's about not always holding her in my arms when she's tired," she explained.


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