Savoring Sauvignon Blanc

Sip, Savor, and Discover: Unveiling the Alluring Aromas and Flavors of the Perfect Wine of the Month

Why doesn't wine taste like grapes? Wine comes from fermented grapes, where the sugars have turned into alcohol. The grape skins and seeds are removed during the winemaking process (sooner or later). The wine's taste is also affected by the varietal of grape used, the climate, the soil, growing conditions, the method of vinification, and how it was aged. 

Aromas and flavors are separated into three categories: Primary - aromas  from the fresh grapes, used to make the finished wine, such as fruity and floral aromas; Secondary - aromas essentially derived from the winemaking and fermentation process; and Tertiary -  aromas which develop with the aging of the wine. We begin discussing the bouquet when its character and intensity evolve and become complex – incorporating all three aroma dimensions. 

A 2014 Rockefeller University research showed that humans could detect over a trillion odors. The mere interaction of just three aromas in different proportions can be felt in hundreds of different sensations.

The aromatic profile of Sauvignon Blanc wine:

Primary aromas: Gooseberry, white currant, apple, lemon/ lime, pineapple, passion fruit, rhubarb, linden, jasmine, freshly cut grass and mint/melissa.

Secondary aromas: Minerals like flint, granite/wet gravel - from alcoholic fermentation and switching from 'hard' to 'mild' acids like Earl Grey/bergamot, yogurt/cream, orange peel and wax/saffron.

Tertiary aromas from aging - with oak handling or bottle maturation, like honey, pine, pepper/chili and clove/cardamom.

'Vinification errors' in excessive amount are wine faults, but in small proportions are naturally occurring - adding richness of flavor and deeper character, like vinegar in a vinaigrette, detectable as ‘cat pee’, vinegar/acetone and oxygenated apple. (Aromas noted with below)

Peter Pulawski 

A visionary wine merchant and negociant, Pulawski has built a chain of stationary and online specialty wine shops in Poland under the brand. He has made his mark on the dynamically growing Polish market by leveraging market data and consumer preferences in combination with meticulous product selection and inventive marketing communication. Since 2022, has also offered sommelier workshops and wine education in the company's refurbished 100-year old horse stable or at any chosen location.

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