Poland’s luxury residential real estate market still has much growth potential with property prices being undervalued and continuing to grow, said participants in a recent Warsaw conference on luxury goods. The event was organized by the owners of the Złota 44 residential skyscraper located in the center of the city and the No.44 brand offering 72 long-term rental apartments in the building. Renting luxury units was presented as an attractive alternative to apartment purchases, requiring relatively small financial outlays.

All those speaking at the conference emphasized the importance of ensuring modern architectural solutions, functional and comfortable interiors, and the highest finishing quality in luxury residential properties. They also mentioned amenities and features such as spa areas, electric car charging stations, building management systems and sustainable solutions as some of the elements that the best luxury residential buildings should have. A separate panel discussion was devoted to other luxury goods including wines.

The conference took place on the 50th floor of the Złota 44 tower and brought together approximately 100 participants including journalists, brokers and real estate market experts.

(Warsaw Business Journal)

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