17:18 25 July 2021
Post by: WBJ

MF sold bonds worth PLN 294.2 million as part of additional sales

“In August, we offered for sale as standard savings bonds with maturities from 3 months to 10 years and interest rates from 0.50% to 1.70% in the first year of saving, as well as 6- and 12-year family instruments with coupons of 1.50% and 2.00%, respectively. Clients can therefore choose from a range of instruments with different maturities and interest rates: fixed - known in advance, variable, and indexed to inflation. Secure savings, tailored to individual needs, can start from as little as PLN 100, which is the value of one bond",  Deputy Finance Minister Sebastian Skuza said, quoted in the release.

The interest rate on 3-month fixed rate bonds is 0.50% per annum, and on 2-year bonds - 1.00%. Other bonds in the first interest period bear interest, respectively: 1.10% for the 3-year, 1.30% for the 4-year, and 1.70% for the 10-year.

The 6- and 12-year family bonds intended for beneficiaries of the “Family 500+” program bear interest at 1.50% and 2.00%, respectively, in the first year of savings.

The interest rate on 3-year bonds is calculated every six months based on the value of the six-month WIBOR6M interest rate. In the case of 4-year bonds, the interest rate changes every year and is calculated on the basis of the sum of the inflation index from the last 12 months and the margin - maintained at 0.75%. The same mechanism of interest rate changes also applies to 10-year bonds, however, the margin is higher and amounts to 1.00%.

The interest rate on family bonds changes every year and is calculated on the basis of the sum of the inflation index from the last 12 months and a preferential margin of 1.25% for 6-year bonds and 1.50% for 12-year bonds.


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