22:11 28 July 2019
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More passenger and fewer cargo ships on rivers and lakes - GUS

In 2018, the number of pusher boats and tugboats in inland shipping amounted to 201 units, which is 18 less than in the previous year. On the other hand, there were 123 passenger boats, 6 more units than a year earlier - the Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported. The number of self-propelled barges was the same as in the previous year (89 ships). The number of barges without own propulsion (barges to push or tow) decreased by 47 to 462 boats.

According to the statistical office, the majority of pushers (71.3 percent), almost half of barges to push (48.7 percent) and all self-propelled barges in use were produced in 1949 - 1979.


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