15:42 26 September 2021
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Most Germans will not miss Chancellor Merkel: poll:

Most Germans will not miss Chancellor Merkel: poll:
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Chancellor Angela Merkel has ruled Germany for 16 years. Now, after her fourth term, her era is coming to an end. Most Germans will not miss her, according to a poll commissioned by the Augsburger Allgemeine daily.

A newspaper poll asked, "Will you miss Angela Merkel as federal chancellor after the end of Angela Merkel's term?" 52 percent of those questioned answered: "No, definitely not" or "Probably not."

38 percent said they would miss a CDU politician as chancellor. 10 percent is undecided.

According to the study, the percentage of people who say they will miss Merkel is the highest among supporters of the Christian Democratic Union CDU/CSU, at 63 percent. In turn, among the voters of the far-right AfD, this percentage was only 2 percent

"When Angela Merkel became the first female chancellor of Germany in 2005, there was no iPhone yet," recalls the daily.

"Anyone born after 2005 knows Merkel only as Chancellor of Germany. During her tenure in office, she had to take the country through various crises – for example, the financial crisis and more recently the coronavirus crisis," we read on.

Her successor will most likely be either Olaf Scholz from the SPD, who is a leader in the polls, or Armin Laschet from the Christian Democratic CDU / CSU, which is following the heels of social democracy.

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