15:39 10 July 2019
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NCBR announces 6 new competitions under Intelligent Development program

NCBR  announces 6 new competitions under Intelligent Development program
source: Pxhere

The National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) will announce 6 new competitions for companies and scientific and industrial consortia, which in 2019 want to apply for co-financing of research and development as part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program (POIR), the NCBR said. This year NCBR will allocate up to PLN 3.93 billion for all competitions under the POIR.
As part of the “Fast Track” flagship program, six competitions will be held in 2019. Entrepreneurs will be able to apply for co-financing also in two thematic competitions: one will be dedicated to projects in the field of space technologies (with a budget of PLN 300 million) and the other technology of plastics (with a budget of PLN 180 million). Both competitions will be announced on July 15 this year. The call for proposals will start on September 2 and will end on November 15 this year.



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