18:40 26 March 2020
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Number of deaths from coronavirus exceeds 1,000: US

Number of deaths from coronavirus exceeds 1,000: US
Source: U.S. Navy

Over 200 people infected with coronavirus died in the United States last day. The US has become the sixth country to exceed one thousand SARS-CoV-2 deaths.

Before the United States, one thousand deaths were exceeded in China, Iran, Italy, Spain and France.

Europe is still the epicenter of the pandemic, but as early as Thursday, the US may have the most infections in the world. According to WHO data, the United States has the highest growth rate of new cases – higher than in Italy and Spain.

There are almost 0.5 million registered SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infections worldwide and over 22,000 deaths currently.

There are still most infections in Italy – over 75,000, and deaths have increased to over 7,500. and is almost two and a half times larger than in China. The United States comes second.

If nothing changes, and everything looks like it, in the US soon will be the most infections in the world per country.

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