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22:29 29 June 2020
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Number of remote job offers rises sharply

Number of remote job offers rises sharply
Source: Devire

The number of job offers with the possibility of remote work increased on average by 30 percent. Only after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic did the number of companies that implemented such a model of operation increase 3-fold (65 percent of them), according to the Devire report "Impact of coronavirus on Polish enterprises". What's more, the offer that allows you to provide work remotely, is more popular among candidates.

The importance of remote work has been growing for several years, and the current crisis is reinforcing this trend. At the end of 2019, nearly 2 million people from 16.4 million employed, performed their professional duties from home (data from the Central Statistical Office). Including in the cafe, at the customer's office or in our own premises.

In recent months, employers have had to completely transform their business models. Although 35 percent of them faced barriers that prevented the introduction of remote work, 65 percent still decided on such a step. Today, companies are gradually returning to their headquarters, implementing hybrid work models (alternate presence of people / individual teams in the office). However, remote work is no longer a holy grail, reserved exclusively for the IT industry.

“We observe that employers have ceased to see remote work as a last resort or necessary evil. Until now, only in certain industries, employees could enjoy such a privilege on average once a month. Today, not only the number of recruitments carried out virtually is growing, but also job offers guaranteeing the full dimension of the performance of their duties from anywhere in the world,” Łukasz Dłuski, director of the permanent recruitment department in Devire, emphasized.


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