17:12 26 November 2019
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Offshore wind farms to reach 450 GW in 2050

Offshore wind farms to reach 450 GW in 2050
source: Pixabay

WindEurope, the largest European wind industry organization in a report estimates that the achievement of offshore wind farm capacity in Europe at 450 GW in 2050 is possible to implement. In Poland, the capacity could reach 28 GW. The report recalls that the European Commission assumes that the capacity of offshore wind farms in 2050 should be between 230 and 450 GW. WindEurope emphasizes that achieving 450 GW is feasible, and production from offshore turbines should then meet 30 percent of European electricity demand.
WindEurope indicates that today there is coming 3 GW per year in Europe, and in the second half of the next decade this growth should accelerate to 7 GW per year. To reach 450 GW, after 2030 the annual increase should reach 20 GW,  emphasizes in the report.
WindEurope estimates that 85 percent of the target capacity will be located in areas referred to as the North Sea - that is, on the Atlantic coasts of France, around Ireland and Great Britain, the North Sea, Ireland, and the Baltic Sea. The remaining 70 GW will be in the waters of Southern Europe.

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