23:14 31 January 2021
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On future of Spain

Top diplomats in Warsaw told the WBJ about the future from their countries’ perspective in the coronavirus era. What is the opinion of Francisco Javier Sanabria Valderrama, Spanish ambassador?

On future of Spain
Source: Photo by Nusa Urbancek on Unsplash

How high are your country’s hopes for 2021 in light of the vaccine announcement/s?

We should be cautious when it comes to the future. We have to avoid false expectations. Nobody knows how long the pandemic will last or how serious it will continue to be. All of us hope that 2021 will bring us better days. The impact of the pandemic has been and still remains appalling worldwide. It has had an impact not only on global health but deep and lasting economic consequences. Spain was hit very hard last spring and we are also experiencing a very difficult second wave now. This said, news on vaccines is encouraging but their effectiveness needs to be confirmed.

What does a Biden-Harris presidency mean for your country’s ties with the US?

Spain and Europe need a strong US – one committed to peace, security, democracy, freedom, and human rights. The Biden-Harris ticket has a huge task ahead of them nationally and overseas. We definitely hope to see more predictability and closeness to the “old” continental Europe. There’s room for improvement in political concertation and trade. Spain has always had an excellent relationship with the US (but for the Spanish-American War in 1898). We share views and values. The Spanish cultural heritage in the US is very significant. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US. There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

How are Christmas and NYE celebrations in your country going to be different this year?

Celebrations might look different this year, yet the Christmas mystery will be present as usual – or even stronger – among believers. Large families and friends may not be able to get together. It’s likely that more tears will be shed for those that have passed away due to the pandemic. Christmas greetings may collapse the lines. NYE celebration will surely look different due to the impossibility of crowded gatherings. The immense majority of the population is mentally prepared for restrictions. This sacrifice is worth it since first and foremost we long for welcoming 2021 in good health and spirit in Spain.

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