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19:26 7 October 2019
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Outflow of investors from Western Europe to continue - Pekao

Outflow of investors from Western Europe to continue - Pekao
source: MaxPixel

The outflow of investors from Western European markets will continue not only because of Brexit, but also due to ever lower rates of return that may be obtained from them, the president of Bank Pekao Michał Krupiński, assessed.

“Certainly, it has become extremely difficult to find companies where you can earn from a private equity perspective in Western Europe. There are a lot of funds, while the rates of return that can be obtained - I am also thinking about listed companies - on the Asian or African markets are much higher ,” Krupiński said.

In his opinion, the best time for Europe to solve the problems is over, and now it will only be more difficult, because we are experiencing a worse economic situation globally. 



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