22:25 23 May 2019
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PB: Poland is biggest exporter of food to Czech Republic

PB: Poland is biggest exporter of food to Czech Republic
source: Pxhere

In spite of unfavorable media reports and the growing reluctance of the Czech authorities, the Czechs are buying more of Polish food products, as evidenced by statistical data. Last year – according to ČSÚ – Czechs bought almost 1.5 million metric tonnes of Polish food. It’s about 80,000 tonnes more than a year earlier (the largest increase among all exporters). Over the past few years, Poland became the largest food supplier in the Czech market in terms of volume, overtaking Slovakia in 2011 and Germany last year. In terms of value, our companies are in second place, just behind German ones, overtaking significantly exporters from the Netherlands, Spain and Slovakia.

(Puls Biznesu)

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