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19:09 15 October 2019
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PiS loses the Senate and comfortable governing majority

PiS loses the Senate and comfortable governing majority
source: Wikipedia

As PiS politicians admit, this time the ruling conditions will be completely different. A smaller than expected majority in the Sejm and the loss of control over the Senate will contribute to this.

On Monday, a series of meetings and consultations began at the PiS headquarters on ul. Nowogrodzka in Warsaw, which is to lead to the formation of a new government. They were taking place in a more tense atmosphere than one would expect. In Jarosław Kaczyński’s party, one of the biggest surprises was the good result of the Confederation, which in the new Sejm will act as a right-wing competitor for PiS.

Negotiations regarding the composition of the new cabinet are being hindered by the fact that the parties of the two PiS coalition partners (Jarosław Gowin and Zbigniew Ziobro) have gained a lot of new MPs compared to 2015. They can now count on 18 and 16 seats respectively. Thanks to this, both Gowin and Ziobro will have stronger positions during the negotiations.



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