20:18 3 December 2019
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Poland beats another record in production of chickens

Poland beats another record in production of chickens
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The production of chickens in Poland broke another record. In October, hatcheries supplied almost 122 million day-old chicks. “This year we have beaten the record in the production of chicks for the third time. Earlier, it took place in April and August,” Katarzyna Gawrońska, the director of the National Chamber of Poultry and Feed Producers (KIPDiP), informed.
According to her, the slaughter potential of Poland would allow the market to absorb even more chickens, but foreign demand is growing much slower than the Polish production capacity. Poland is a large poultry exporter and this is a huge success of the industry, but if foreign buyers cannot be found for the growing poultry production, the Polish poultry industry may be in trouble, Gawrońska argued.
Over half of the produced chicken meat is exported, mainly to European Union countries. From January to the end of September this year, 1,072,000 tons of poultry meat were exported from Poland, including over 894,000 tons of chicken meat worth €1.4 billion.


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