8:49 18 May 2024
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Poland's Budget Deficit Surpasses Symbolic Milestone

Poland's Budget Deficit Surpasses Symbolic Milestone
Source: Press Materials

Poland's budget deficit reached PLN 39.9 billion after April, exceeding PLN 100 billion for the first time in history over the past twelve months. While government spending is growing at a rapid pace, the finance minister should not complain too much about state revenue either.

This is a lot - we have never had such a "hole" in the budget after April. At the same time, nothing unexpected is happening. It is known that a record discrepancy between budget expenditures and revenues is planned for this year. The budget law for 2024 assumes that the deficit may reach even PLN 184 billion. From this perspective, the execution of "only" slightly over one-fifth of the planned budget after one-third of the year may even look good. 


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