20:26 5 December 2019
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Polish CO2 emissions highest in 20 years

Polish CO2 emissions highest in 20 years
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Global Carbon Project estimates indicate that Polish CO2 emissions in 2018 were the highest in over 20 years. The last time they were higher was before the second wave of restructuring of the Polish heavy industry in the late 1990s, pointed out Aleksander Śniegocki, an expert at the WiseEuropa institute.
The latest report from the Global Carbon Project research group shows that Poland is in 18th place in the world in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. It is the third EU country (after Germany and the UK) on the infamous list of the greatest polluters.
The report with emission forecasts for 2019 does not contain a separate estimate for Poland, but its authors did not notice any trends that could cause a decrease in emissions, and therefore everything indicates that they will continue to increase (in 2018 they increased by 2.1%).
(Business Insider)

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