20:27 12 March 2020
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Polish GDP may slow down even to 0% in 2020: forecasts

Polish GDP may slow down even to 0% in 2020: forecasts
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Bank Pekao lowered the forecast of Poland's economic growth for 2020 to 2.5 percent. In the pessimistic scenario, which notes the strong impact of coronavirus on the economy, the bank assumes a slowdown to 0.5 percent of GDP this year.

In turn, the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) estimates that GDP in Poland will decrease from the previously forecasted 3-3.5 percent to around 2 percent in the assumptions of the pessimistic scenario as a result of the impact of coronavirus on the economy.

Witold Orłowski, PwC's chief economic advisor in Poland, is even more pessimistic about the prospects for Polish growth. In his opinion, with a negative scenario of developments, we could see a 0% GDP growth rate in Poland at the end of this year. However - according to him - if in the second half of the year the moods calm down and the economic rebound occurs, Poland will experience a slowdown, but not a deep recession.




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