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21:27 12 October 2021
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Polish investors increasingly attracted to global markets

Polish investors increasingly attracted to global markets
Paweł Majtkowski, source: Newseria

The Polish investor is mainly interested in the stock exchange. He likes technology and dividend companies, is not afraid of crypto assets, he is still hesitating when it comes to investing in ETFs based on individual stock indices – such a portrait emerges from the research of the eToro investment platform. Interest in the stock market is now fueled mainly by ultra-low interest rates combined with rising inflation.

"Poles invest and save more than in the past, but it is still significantly less than in other countries. The point is not to compare yourself to, for example, the Germans, who are leaders in saving and investing, but to the Czechs or Romanians. We still invest less than they do," Paweł Majtkowski, eToro analyst, said.

The cyclical report "Individual Investor Pulse", published by eToro on the basis of surveys conducted among 6,000 retail investors in 12 countries shows that the average Polish investor has a portfolio of approx. PLN 110,000 and it is the total value of his investments, mainly on the stock exchange. In the Czech Republic or Romania, this amount fluctuates around PLN 130,000, in Germany, it is approx. PLN 400,000, and in the United States – as much as PLN 750,000.


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