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23:32 14 September 2021
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Polish labor market interesting for foreigners

Polish labor market interesting for foreigners
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The health and economic crisis only temporarily contributed to the decline in migration in Poland. Although the pandemic has reduced the number of immigrants, more and more people are coming to the Polish labor market - experts believe that we will return to the pre-crisis level in a few years. When we talk about foreigners working in our country, we immediately think about Ukrainian citizens. It is not an association that comes only from personal experience - we meet many of these people in service and food outlets. Moreover, these people dominate the statistics when it comes to the influx of immigrants to the Polish labor market. We are talking about data on crossing the border, people who pay contributions to the Social Insurance Institution, and various job titles in Poland. In these cases, the citizens of Ukraine dominate, and their number is constantly increasing.

"The data shows that the citizens of Ukraine constitute almost 3/4 of all immigrants. However, we have recently seen an increased influx of Belarusian citizens. This is to some extent related to the political crisis in this country. some Belarusian citizens have left the country," Andrzej Kubisiak, deputy director of the Polish Economic Institute, said.

"They are often young, well-educated people. Let us remember that Belarus has a very strongly developed sector of new IT technologies and many IT specialists are coming to Poland. It is very beneficial for the Polish economy at a time when there is a shortage of employees in this industry. that it is mostly a short-term or medium-term inflow. What we have observed in recent months is also an increase in legal employment. The pool of people registered with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) is growing significantly, so contributions are paid for the work of foreigners. In the pandemic, we saw the outflow of some workers, especially from Ukraine. However, later during the summer holidays, the number of immigrants from the East grew more and more. The data show that over 100,000 people came to Poland during the pandemic crisis and these people legally pay contributions in our country," he added.


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