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21:26 9 April 2020
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Portal to integrate workers helps to cope with isolation

Portal to integrate workers helps to cope with isolation
Source: aktywnieswiadomi

The home office, organized by employers at an accelerated pace, strongly shook relations with and between employees. With such a great threat caused by the coronavirus pandemic and turbulence, also in the economy, we all come across for the first time in our lives. The fourth week of working from home increases the sense of isolation and fear of what awaits us after we return to relative normality. Uncertainty is fueled by media reports from all over the world.

“Not everyone finds themselves in the home office mode, many people feel a sense of isolation and fear, also about how in the situation of the economic crisis, which we are undoubtedly dealing with today, our company will cope. We are part of the team and in this difficult time we need the support of both our supervisor and colleagues. When creating the #aktywnieswiadomi portal, we used mechanisms that allow us to maintain teamwork and real contact between employees and the employer, as well as within the team,” explains Paweł Kornosz, president of YesIndeed.

The free #aktywnieswiadomi portal enables constant communication between employers and employees, but it is also a project for entire families who must find themselves in a new reality in which home and work coexist in one space. Users also have access to fitness training, healthy cuisine signed by Ania Starmach and entertainment, also for the youngest. What's more, all user activity is rewarded. Points collected can be exchanged among others for attractive discounts in selected stores.

“We need a community today, even if, in these exceptional times, it is only a virtual community. It is important that we associate, share our experiences, insights and doubts. Mutual care for each other is also extremely important. On the one hand, we have a sense of isolation, and on the other, the opportunity to use an online space where we can be together,” Marta Szydłowska-Pierzak, psychologist and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, a lecturer at the University of Social Psychology, added.


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