20:51 27 April 2020
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Severe drought looms large over Poland

Severe drought looms large over Poland
Source: Pxfuel

Despite that the worst drought in recent times looms large over Poland, Marek Gróbarczyk, the Polish maritime minister has said that there will be plenty of drinking water in Poland, but you need to save it.

“We will not run out of [drinking] water because the groundwater level is at a decent level. Our research shows clearly that it remains at an average level. I am talking about deep water,” Gróbarczyk claimed in an interview for RMF FM, a private Polish broadcaster, on April 27. “Water cannot be wasted, but it cannot be a luxury and constitute a significant part of the household budget,” he added.

However, Poland’s met office (IMGW) has stated in a press release that “the water level remains in the low water zone and the water deficit occurs in the root zone of plants,” adding that “river flows are extremely low and soil moisture is below 25 percent.”

Meanwhile, Michał Woś, environment minister, believes that “70 percent water in Poland is used for the needs of the energy sector.” And Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, agriculture minister, has said that if it turns out that this year there would be less food due to drought, then there will be a decrease in export.

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