The IPO in Warsaw recorded 16 IPOs in 2019 (compared to 20 in 2018). The total value of offers on the WSE (in total on the regulated market and NewConnect) amounted to PLN 65.9 million (€15.4 million). It means a decrease by approx. 80 percent compared to 2018, which was the weakest year so far in terms of total value offers since 2003, according to the latest report “IPO Watch Europe 2019” prepared by the consulting company PwC.

The only debutant on the main market of the Warsaw trading floor was BoomBit. The company debuted in the second quarter of 2019 and raised PLN 35.2 million (€8.2 million) as part of its offer.

Among IPOs carried out on the alternative NewConnect market, the highest value of offers was recorded by QuarticOn (PLN 7.6 million/ €1.8 million), Klabater (PLN 4 million/ €0.9 million) and DB Energy (PLN 3.3 million/ €0.8 million).

Companies from the technology and media sectors remain the most active (the total value of these offers accounted for over 87 percent of the value of IPOs on the WSE in 2019) – with particular emphasis on the gaming industry.

"With positive signals from NewConnect, which has become established among gaming companies and attracts new rookies, just one IPO on a regulated market is nothing but a failure.

“It remains to be seen if the debuts announced by potential issuers will break the poor market statistics,” Bartosz Margol, director of the PwC capital markets team, said.



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