21:22 3 March 2022
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The expert advices on how to save money during the war

The expert advices on how to save money during the war
Source: Individual Women Investors' Club

The massive drops in share prices on almost all global stock exchanges that we have witnessed in recent days give us an idea of ​​the scale of risk to which our savings and capital, often accumulated over the years, are exposed. So the questions immediately arise, what to do in such moments, how to protect against losses or at least limit their scale.

"The answer should be sought in two sections: immediate actions and long-term thinking about your finances. In the first area, the most intuitive and proven ideas are primarily imposed. You have to invest your money in the safest instruments, which have long been gold, dollars, Treasury bonds of the countries with the highest creditworthiness and cash, the appropriate stock of which should be kept even in the proverbial sock," Ewa Kumorek-Fedor, President of the Individual Women Investors' Club, said.

In her opinion, you must also be aware that investing in them always involves greater or lesser risk. It is not only about the risk of a drop in quotation and impairment but also related to possible technical issues.

"Most financial instruments are intangible and therefore exist in the form of electronic records. They are of course properly secured, but it cannot be ruled out that there will be a failure or a cyberattack that restricts access to capital," she added.

In her opinion, the best way to protect capital against various types of threats is to divide it into several parts and allocate each of them in a different asset class, as experts say.


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