23:35 14 September 2021
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The government is working on the details of the Polish Deal for agriculture

The government is working on the details of the Polish Deal for agriculture
Anna Gembicka, source: Newseria

Freeing agricultural retail trade, a digital system for identifying food "from farm to fork", a satellite system for monitoring crops, or an e-window for a farmer – these are only a part of the Polish Deal's proposals for the sector. Details that are being worked on are to be known in the next few weeks.

"We want to solve the problems that farmers have been talking about for a long time. Investments will help to level the playing field between rural areas and the city," Anna Gembicka, secretary of state at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, announced.

"The Polish Deal will improve the situation of Polish farmers. We want to increase the profitability of farms, and this is the main demand, but we also want to solve the problems reported to us by agricultural organizations," Anna Gembicka added.

The Polish Deal Program is to be a response to farmers' demands and, at the same time, to support rural areas and increase their competitiveness. The government has announced, inter alia, drafting a law that will free up rural economic activity and reduce bureaucratic requirements (e.g. regarding device registration) for small farmers. The rate of subsidies for agricultural fuel will increase – PLN 100-110 per 1 ha, which is to support domestic agricultural production. The catalog of state-owned land resources will, in turn, accelerate the provision of land to farmers and indicate new investment areas.

"We want to shorten the supply chain, ie free agricultural retail trade. We will increase the taxable amount from PLN 40,000 to PLN 100,000," she said.


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